A customer is looking for a ghostwriter, the site sees an agency and is sure: Here I am in good hands.

But there may be a nasty surprise, because what the customer does not know: Some agencies take advantage of the inexperience and lack of market insight of their customers as well as their authors – they use their energy especially on the look, marketing and self-expression, rather than on the conscientious Processing of orders and the care of a professional writing team – which would like to be rewarded accordingly.

Customers of academic agencies want a successful, meaningful scientific text that should be as inexpensive as possible. How does such a text come about? Certainly not by mass processing!

Texts from the professional

Every order has to be tackled individually. This means that not only the number of ghostwriters of an agency is crucial, but the ability and experience of the selected author.

It usually does not do much good for the customer if his order lands with a clerk who happens to be the first to respond when an agency sends a bulk mail with a list of low-paid jobs. Such a behavior – to say nothing of the lack of discretion – unfortunately occurs in the industry again and again.

If you spend a lot of money on advertisements to appear on the search engines, you have to pay for those costs – to the detriment of those customers who want to spend as little time looking for professional talent as possible.

Customers who once need a ghostwriting agency often do not have the time to learn more about their practices – and will usually be silent if an agency has disappointed them. Unfortunately, this leads to dubious agencies feeling relatively safe and able to continue their business in the highly intransparent marketplace.